How To Attract And Maintain The Best Workforce

Attracting and maintaining great employees has always been a vital part of any business success, and with the ever changing environment of the 21st century, employers are wondering what they can do to attract the type of millennials that you might find at companies like Google and Facebook. While it may seem like in house ping pong tables and coffee shops are to credit for such a successful millennial workforce, maintaining great employees requires more than game time and coffee breaks. Read more

6 Habits To Break To Help Improve Your Happiness

We’re all looking for it. We all strive for it. We all obtain it in different ways. I’m talking about happiness. And while there is no surefire way to reach your goal, everyone is different, there are some habits you can break to help improve your overall happiness. Not only will breaking these habits improve your personal life, but eliminating unnecessary stress and other demotivators will resonate through your professional life, as well. Read more

Productivity Tips That Don’t Always Work

See, here’s the thing about productivity, everyone gets motivated in different ways. You have to find what works for you. That doesn’t mean that lists and tips aren’t helpful, they can help you figure out what works for you. That being said, here are a couple tips that make the rounds that might not be as great as advertised. Read more

5 Tips For A Strong Business Plan

You need a business plan. Many young entrepreneurs and idea people look at a business plan in much the same way we look at outlines – nice, but more time than they’re worth. That’s simply not the case. Much like outlines, business plans are often an afterthought, but if well done, both will be quite welcome when you’re running in circles trying to figure out what to do or where to go next. Read more

How To Follow Up The Right Way

If part of your job description includes sending follow up emails to clients and potential clients, then you know how much of an tight-rope act it can be. Reach out too much and you become annoying, too little and you’re forgotten. Each email needs to be different, yet memorable with recurring facts and points through different conversation venues. There’s so many things that can make or break your pitch that it can become overwhelming. Read more

How To Boost Your Employees’ Productivity

It’s one thing to boost your own productivity, there’s plenty of tips and tricks for that, but when it comes to boosting your employees’ productivity it can be a bit more tricky. Not to say that it’s impossible, but many of the methods for boosting self productivity have mixed results, only because those come down the individual’s desire to improve. There are things you can implement directly into the workplace to help boost your employees’ productivity, however. Read more

4 Tips For Handling Mistakes At Work

Nobody is perfect. Whether it is in our personal or professional lives, mistakes happen. While they can cause some setbacks, what really defines a person is their ability to bounce back from them, and sometimes, turn mistakes into successes. Whether you’re a member of a team, or running a SMB, how you handle mistakes will be a defining factor in how others see you. Check out some of our tips below, and when the inevitable blunder happens, you’ll be better prepared! Read more

Four Simple Ways To Beat Procrastination

Some people are just naturally motivated, ready to take on the world and any task standing in between them and their goal, then there’s the rest of us. If you find yourself procrastinating more often than not, then it’s time to start making some changes. Below, we’ve outlined some simple things you can start doing today to help you out! Read more

5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Team

When using Pyrus, or any method of task delegation, there are many factors that go into making sure your team is working optimally. Miscommunication, poor wording, and many other things might keep your team from performing at their highest level. We’ve compiled a couple tips to make sure you and your team are on the right track! Read more

4 Fears Every New Business Owner Must Overcome

Making the leap and starting your own business is no small task. Regardless of how great your idea may or may not be, more goes into a business than just the idea. It can be an overwhelming task, wrought with hurdles and unexpected issues, but you can’t let that stop you from pursuing your dreams. Besides just business concerns, one key aspect of starting your business is getting over personal fears. Read more

4 Basics For Every Great Manager

It sometimes seems that managers have it easy, telling others what to do while sitting in their lush offices, but that is not the sign of a great manager, but rather a complacent one. A great manager is constantly involved with their team, and when not actively working with the team, they should be working on ways to improve the team, and the company, as a whole. Read more

The Importance Of Organized Workflow

It can take years to completely set up your workflow. Finding your stride, and what works for your team can take time, it’s not an overnight process, but the payoff is well worth it.  Having a well-tested, thorough workflow will improve both day-to-day and long term operations.

What are some of the benefits of having an organized workflow, however? We’ve compiled a couple of the advantages: Read more

4 Daily Habits That Will Increase Your Productivity Levels

Productivity levels typically fluctuate for people on a near-daily basis. A promotion, a new revenue stream, those type of things can make our productivity levels go through the roof, but once the excitement of a new job or opportunity subsides and comfort sets in it’s harder to stay productive during the daily grind. It’s not impossible, but you have to make a conscious effort to stay productive. We’ve compiled a couple tips to help you stay productive during those long work weeks! Read more

How Over-Communication Can Lead To Decreased Productivity

Depending on the size of your business, it might be tempting to include everyone in all company communication. The logic is that if your employees and team members are kept abreast to all happenings within the company then they will be better equipped to solve problems and come up with innovative solutions. While that might be true for a startup with just a couple members, once your business starts growing and making money, including everyone in everyday aspects of your business for all departments can actually lead to less productivity. Read more

How Spontaneity Can Boost Productivity

No, we’re not talking about be spontaneous and playing video games for 16 hours straight and eating your body weight in McDonald’s, but instead, how spontaneity can be used in the workplace to boost team member’s productivity on projects and the daily grind.

pyrus spont

While spontaneity is usually associated with personal goals and plans (or lack thereof), the same things that make spontaneity valuable in our personal lives can be beneficial in the workplace, as well. Projects and deadlines are obviously important, but can be mentally and physically draining; the ability to pivot and work without looming deadlines can lead to creative solutions to problems and projects. Read more

How To Set Conditional Visibility In Forms

More and more processes are being reflected in Pyrus and the system requires maximum flexibility in all activities. There are processes that involve different sets of data for different chains of transmission and functionality is needed to accomplish this.

Of course, you can add all necessary fields to the form, and fill in only what you need, but doing this leads to the time consuming task of analyzing every form users fill out. Read more

How Pyrus Can Help Keep You On Track In 2016

Pyrus is a great way to monitor employees, delegate tasks, and organize your contacts. The powerful tools make dividing up responsibilities easy and can help streamline assignments between you and your team. But you can also use Pyrus as a tool for yourself, as well.

With the New Year still fresh in everyone’s mind, I’m sure you have made some New Year’s resolutions and you can use Pyrus to keep you on track, in business and life. Read more

How To Find Out Who Can See Your Tasks

A few days ago, we had a person pose a curious question to us, “Can my boss secretly read my comments in all tasks, even if he is not included there?”

Our response was that most likely, no, the boss could not read your comments, but this gave us a great idea for a blog post. How to set permissions for who can, and cannot, see your personal tasks and the notes associated with those tasks. Read more

How To Create And Route Tests In Pyrus

Your company’s image among its clients is built partially from the impressions you give during the communication process. If the employees deliver different information that what was expected that can lead to confusion among the team and customer base. One of the best and the most efficient ways of checking the employees’ knowledge base of the most actual information is through testing. Pyrus can help you with that; let’s see how we can create a simple test in Pyrus. Read more

How To Add Favorite Functions To Pyrus

Did you know that it is now possible to access frequently used functions from any page of Pyrus just one click? Quickly add any function to your main menu, allowing you to access it from anywhere within Pyrus.

Let’s form a watch list in Pyrus to keep up with a particular account. Just go to any active account in the project and you will see a list of tasks associated with the project. Read more

Do You Like Clouds?

Cloud storage has replaced the usual, old offline hard and flash drives. It is wonderful to have access to your files at any moment from any place in the world where Internet is available. And there’s a great amount of cloud storage for that, free or paid.

Not only can Pyrus keep attached documents that you uploaded from your computer, but also links to documents that are in cloud storage accounts. Additionally, links to your own files in Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and now OneDrive, can be added to Pyrus with a single click. Those documents that are in other cloud storage accounts can still be attached to any task or form in Pyrus as there is a ‘Link’ button for that. Read more

How To Set Up Roles In Pyrus

Let’s talk more about Pyrus functionality in the Processes settings. Sometimes you’ll have multiple employees who serve the same role. We’ll see what we can do if we have several employees in the same position, a position that can be replaced with others who have the same role. There’s actually a special mechanic for this, and to no one’s surprise, this functionality is called ‘Roles’. Read more

How To Lock Workflows In Pyrus

Thanks to the flexibility of Pyrus, more and more companies are using it for everyday, routine tasks. Workflow automation is a perfect fit for creating a business process by the users themselves, without having to involve the IT Department.

By using Pyrus, companies can set up these workflows and can continue to adjust it. The business process can become so perfectly adjusted that any attempts to optimize it don’t give any effect. At this point it’s good to set in place the most successful version and make all the member of the workflow to use that route. Read more

How To Enable Pop-up Notifications in Pyrus

As many of you have probably already noticed, we have a new function of Pyrus, the ability to receive notifications right in your browser. By adding this, you can be informed the moment someone gives you a task or comments on one you’re following. The notification pops up in the bottom right corner of the screen and looks like this. Read more

How To Track Hours Worked In Pyrus

Timekeeping  is an essential method of tracking and increasing a company’s efficiency. In some organizations, employees do not have set salaries and instead are paid hourly and they need to understand how much time was spent on executing the tasks at hand. These time costs are how company’s decide on monetary compensation when sending an invoice to a client. Losing several hours or adding false ones leads to direct losses. Read more

Using Pyrus – A Real World Example

We can tell you all the reasons why you should use Pyrus to manage your team and workflow, but why don’t we show you a real world example? This writer not only blogs for Pyrus, but uses Pyrus in his day-to-day life to manage and work with a consulting firm dedicated to obtaining funding for nonprofit organizations. Keep reading below to see how we use it to keep track of clients, deadlines, and recurring events! Read more

How To Improve Lists With Hierarchy And Grouped Elements

Lists are often found in the forms of our clients, they allow you to configure routing depending on the value of a field and serve as labels. Lists can be a blessing and a curse, however. Over time, some lists grow so that working with them becomes less and less convenient.

To improve their appearance, Pyrus has functionality for organization of multi-level lists in the tree. Let’s see how this works on the example list of forms for applicants. First, the vacancy list consisted of just a couple of positions, but then grew up with the company: Read more

How To Add Additional Email Accounts In Pyrus

Many of us have, and use, multiple email addresses. Pyrus gives you the ability to have one account and attach it to multiple email addresses! Perfect for when you need to collect and process inquiries that have been received by your multiple addresses: your personal email, your organization’s emails, support, an email for the separate project, etc. Read more

Lifehacks To Increase Your Happiness

Happiness is an interesting topic because so many of us define it in different ways. To some, it’s financial success, to others it is a big family, but at the end of the day most of us just “want to be happy.” We have no real way of describing what that happiness is, however. We strive for it, we let the pursuit of happiness blind us to the happiness we’re already feeling.


One thing is certain, however: we all want to be happier. And while your mileage may vary, here are some tried-and-true tips that have worked for others. We’ve compiled a list of different things you can implement easily into your life to help achieve those goals.

Sleep more: You’ve heard this your whole life, it’s time to implement it. Getting more sleep will not only improve your mornings, but you will be less susceptible to negative emotions throughout the day. Getting more sleep is only one side of the coin. You need to get better sleep, as well. Cut out the caffeine in the evenings. Exercise in the evening is a tossup, however, some people sleep better afterwards while others do not. Read more

Small Things You Can Do To Get More Time Out Of Your Day

There are two things we always want more of: money and time. Today we’re going to focus on the time aspect. We all want more time in our life, on our vacation, or just in a normal day. It seems we are never able to actually catch up. You’re ahead of schedule at work, then—boom—a new email pops into your inbox that requires your immediate attention. It’s a constant game of catchup.

Time Pyrus

There are some things you can do that can help, however; small changes like waking up 15 minutes earlier or brewing your own cup of coffee instead of waiting in line at Starbucks. There are a plethora of things we can do to take minutes and hours back. We waste a lot of time at work and don’t even realize it, use this tips below to help maximize that time:

List your priorities: I know, I know, “No! Not lists!” Yes, my friends, lists. While it does take some time to get accustomed to making a list each morning, the benefits in the long run are well worth it. You’ll be able to face the day confident in your ability to finish your tasks at hand, and you will not be wasting time racking your brain on what you need to do. Read more