How To Get Responses On The Emails You Send

In a world so obsessed with connectivity, communication, tweets, chats, and accessibility, it’s especially obnoxious to have an email go unreturned for more than a day or two. Here’s how to make sure you’re doing everything as correctly as possible so that that other person knows you expect a response. Read more

Pyrus Solves The Problem Of Spam-Happy Coworkers

Have you ever been cc’d on an email that had nothing to do with you? I know I have, and it’s obnoxious and unhelpful. Some might perpetually cc the boss on a task as a motivator to get others to act. But the boss can’t be bothered with every little thing — he or she has bigger-picture projects to see through. Read more

Why You Should Only Check Email Twice A Day

It’s an idea made popular by entrepreneur and author Tim Ferriss — check your email twice a day, no more.

Writing for Fast Company, Laura Vanderkam describes her own experience limiting her email diet. She opted to check email during the workday at 10:30 AM and again in the mid-afternoon.
The first thing she describes how deep-seated her email addiction actually is. Consciously ignoring her inbox until the designated times each day, she says that her “fingers felt almost twitchy.” Read more

Pyrus Is Better Than Email For Getting Work Done In Every Way

I’ve spent more time juggling email than I can fairly express, and odds are that the same is true for you too. Pyrus can drastically reduce the amount of email you need to send and receive to get your job done in a workday.

It’s an old, familiar story — you start your morning by checking your email, only to find your inbox already bursting out of control. Before you can even do something productive that day, you have to tend to a mix of friendly social messages, customer inquiries, assignments from colleagues, and multi-message threads that, if you’re totally honest with yourself, you have no idea why you were included on them in the first place. Read more

Break the Email Habit

Why Communication Will Soon Look Very Different

When Email Is a Full Time Job

If answering your email feels like a full time job, you’re not alone. The average knowledge worker spends 2-3 hours a day answering email, at a significant cost in productivity to companies. Large companies have tried to address the issue from the top down: Thierry Breton, the head of major French systems integrator ATOS banned all email across the company’s 76,000 employees. Many companies continue the search for alternatives. There have been a host of proposals for what individuals can do to help. The proponents of the Email Charter have drawn up a list of twelve best practices they asked everyone to adopt toward doing away with the common blight of email overload. Among them:
  • Spare the CC’s: they multiply “like mating bunnies” and clutter everyone’s inbox
  • Cut contentless responses: “Thanks for your note” is empty and better left unsent

Email Habits Are Hard To Break

Take brevity, for example: Long-winded explanations, justifications, and even social niceties (“Hi Max. How have you been?”) take valuable time to write and to read. For the most part, a person reading your email just wants to know: What is expected of me right now? Most people are afraid to just get to the point for fear they might seem rude. But as journalist Jordan Crook famously pointed out:

“If everyone were to cut out all the niceties, everyone would be a bitch. But if everyone did it, no one would be a bitch. And right now, everyone is a bitch. Email’s bitch.”

Read more

A Tool Your Sales Team Will Love

Pyrus Automates Sales Workflows (and More)

Pyrus is a versatile communication platform for teamwork that can be easily adapted to the needs of every department in your organization. This week we focus on how it can make life easier for your entire sales team.

1. Every Inbound Lead is a Task

Communication in Pyrus centers on tasks, and your inbound leads are no exception.

Pyrus automatically converts incoming inquiries emailed to a designated address such as into actionable tasks for your sales reps to tackle. Any attachments on the original email are copied over into the new task. Created tasks can be programmatically assigned to a workflow based on the type of inquiry coming in. Read more

Pyrus Integrates With Android Wear

Now Get Things Done on the Go

Pyrus is now the first productivity platform to integrate with Android Wear. That means you can Get Things Done (#GTD) anywhere and everywhere from your new smartwatch.

You can respond to, approve, reject, or complete a pending task right from your wrist. New tasks that arrive to your Pyrus inbox show up instantly on your LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live as notifications. You can view the full content of a task on your watch and take action immediately. If the task needs a response or approval, you can do so right on the watch interface. Or if you prefer to deal with the task later, just swipe it away. Read more