Solitude or Collaboration? Productivity in Individuals and Groups

It may seem self-evident that a group will be more productive than an individual, as the saying “two heads are better than one” implies. However, not all groups are created equal. Despite the intuitive sense we have that assigning more people to a task will result in it being done faster, some groups can actually impede productive work. This is important to consider in making choices about what kind of work to tackle individually versus in groups.  First, let’s understand some research on the psychology of group work.

Saved by the Bell: How to Increase Productivity at Home

You’ve implemented some tips for optimizing your remote work space. Now what? Time to focus on your work time. Here are some tried-and-true strategies to boost your productivity throughout your remote work day. Learn what motivates you to plan ahead, set clear boundaries, invest fully into your work and personal time, and feel confident that you’re taking care of yourself at work and at home, even when those happen to be the same place.

Team Management Tips for CFOs: How to Get Your Accounts Payable Team to Work Together More Efficiently


Getting a team to work together efficiently can prove a challenge, especially if the team’s task is no fun and no one wants to finish it.

An inefficient team can cause unnecessary waste, missed delivery dates, and lots of unnecessary stress.

As a CFO who knows that invoice processing is hardly a fun task, how can you get your accounts payable (AP) team to work together productively, make the best use of their resources, and deliver quality results more quickly? Read more