Signs You’re About To Hire The Wrong Person

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If you were to ask a handful of business owners to name one thing that they hated doing, many would probably come back with the same answer: hiring people.

It can take a lot of time interviewing prospective employees, and then you have to actually sit down (whether it’s alone or with HR) and decide who would be the best fit for the position. It can be a stressful time and the quicker you can identify the best candidate, the less time you spend engaged in the process. Read more

Six Steps To Better Writing


One of the best ways to convey your message is through writing—the better you can write, the easier your message is to convey. Now, you might not be out to write the next New York Times bestseller, but maybe you’re in marketing and need to start writing blog posts for your company or you need to shoot off a very important email to your boss. Whatever the case may be, it’s never a bad time to improve your writing skills. We’ve compiled some tips below to help you out next time writing is required of you, check them out! Read more

How To Network When You’re Shy

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You might be the most talented individual in your respective field, but if you have trouble networking with fellow business people and entrepreneurs you might find yourself lagging behind. Networking can help you in all forms of business: finding work, finding talent, and even finding investors. Everyone is not gifted with the social skills required for networking, however, so we’ve put together a couple tips to help those of you who might be a bit shy when it comes to mingling and networking. Read more

The Secrets Of Body Language


Whether you like it or not, you speak without speaking!

From the way someone stands while socializing to how they slouch in their barstool, we always notice body language before ever greeting and introducing ourselves to them. It triggers signals in our brain, and we immediately form ideas about said person. It of course happens in the workplace as well. It’s how our minds work, so why not use this to our advantage? Read more

How Pyrus Works With The Apple Watch

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Pyrus and the Apple Watch make a great team.

Considering that it relies entirely on your smartphone to push interesting data to your wrist, your Apple Watch is an inherently limited device, but there’s one use case that’s brilliant.

The short 10-word notification viewed on your watch instead of your phone can change the way you interact with your phone—suddenly it is not the cumbersome thing you need to remove from a pocket or bag to check. You now have a heads-up display for your device that you can check as easily as the time, and oh yeah, it tells the time too. Read more

The Benefits Of Waking Up Early


The cliche is that the “early bird gets the worm,” but the early bird also gets eggs and sausage and bacon. Rising early is not easy for everyone, but there are many benefits to rising early and avoiding that snooze button until the very last minute. Keep reading below for some of the perks granted to early risers, as well as a couple of tips on how you can start waking up earlier. Read more

How To Get Ready For Vacation

NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION, Anthony Michael Hall, Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, Dana Barron, 1983

Why is it that you somehow feel more exhausted upon returning from vacation than before you left? The whole point of going on vacation is to clear your mind and unclutter your brain, yet it never seems to work that way. In a time of what might be a never-before-seen intensity in the work environment, we’ve trained our brains to never turn off. We leave work, we get home, we check our work email to make sure we didn’t miss anything after we left. An unfamiliar number pops up on your iPhone at 7 pm—could it be a west coast client? You should probably answer it. Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Work In The Summer

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“I’ve got that summertime, summertime sadness.”

If you’re blessed—or cursed, depending on who you ask—with unusually warm weather during your summers, you know how much of a strain the heat can put on the workplace (and, in turn, productivity). We’ve been programmed since childhood to have certain expectations for those times between early June and late August. We remember fondly the days of summer vacations with the family and the generally laziness that accompanied not having school to attend. It’s only natural to think that we, as adults, continue with that same mindset. Read more

How To Make Your Office A Nice Place To Be All Day


Look, if you’re going to spend a considerable amount of your day at the office, then it stands to reason that it should be a nice place. No more rows of desks and drab off-white walls surrounding you—it’s time for a change. Obviously, productivity and results come first, but who’s to say that productivity and a nice office don’t go hand in hand? Read more

The Benefits Of Working In A Coworking Space


If your company is of an appropriate smaller size, you might consider setting up operations in a coworking space. For those growing businesses that can no longer successfully operate in a home or coffee shop and are beginning to need more space,coworking spaces like WeWork or General Assembly offer a pleasing middle ground for you to work out of before renting dedicated commercial office space. Read more

How To Develop Your Willpower


As a business leader, you no doubt find yourself making hundreds of small decisions a day, if not plenty of larger ones as well. Each one of these decisions, however minor, takes a small bite out of your willpower to remain a productive person that day. Experiments show that your personal willpower is a renewable resource—it is totally possible to develop more of it, but if you run out, it’s hard to get that magic back. Read more

5 Quotes From Prominent Business Leaders Explained


“There are no longer any great jobs where someone tells you precisely what to do.” -Seth Godin

The nature of work (and satisfaction with that work) is changing. It’s only becoming more common for people to strike it off to go do their own thing for an income, and shun the conventional idea of being someone’s employee. Another quote that touches this same concept comes from Bob Dylan, in which he says “A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.” This represents a frictionless life, and as a job often constitutes a large part of one’s life, you can bet someone doing whatever he wants all day isn’t complaining about his work. Read more

Common Characteristics Of The World’s Strongest Leaders, Pt. 2


We’re continuing our rundown of the personality traits that make up a good leader. Part one is here, and without further ado, here’s part two:

Strong leaders operate from a sense of purpose. Here’s an interesting test to give yourself: would you do your current job today if you didn’t have to? If your answer is no, then it’s likely that your job hardly lines up with what you consider your “purpose.” Be sure to plumb the depths of what you think is important so that you can have fleshed-out opinions on what it is you’d rather be doing. Then go do that instead, silly. Read more

Common Characteristics Of The World’s Strongest Leaders


Are you calm and measured like Abraham Lincoln? Are you obsessively committed like Steve Jobs?

While it’s important to be your genuine self as much as possible, this doesn’t mean you can’t learn a lesson or two (or three or seven) from those classic leaders recognized as being the best in their fields. These are people who respond with grace under fire, who motivate and inspire those around them, and make everyone feel a little better or optimistic when the fruits of their labor take shape. Read more

6 Things You’re Doing To Unwittingly Stress Yourself Out


You’re not making a list of things to get done each day. Your memory is never as good as you think it is. Make it a habit to write down important tasks and ideas, and build a to-do list from them. A to-do list should be the foundation of your productive day. When you can see all the tasks you know are still yet to be done, it becomes that much easier to prioritize and reassess where you are and what’s next most important. Read more

How To Genuinely Engage Your Employees For Effective Leadership


The most effective leaders are the ones who relate to people in basic, sincere terms. It’s entirely too easy to get caught up in your head about whether or not you’re an effective manager. It’s much better to instead be a genuine leader who works closely with employees and makes them feel valued. Read more

How To Maximize Time For Planning And Brainstorming


An executive’s days can be bumpy and noisy without a moment’s pause to reflect, make plans, and contemplate solutions to problems. It’s too easy to fall into the trap of becoming a taskmaster that ends up doing the same things over and over again without ever actually advancing the ball forward. These times are essential to build into your routine in a way that best serves your needs—an undistracted slot of time for your brain to explore and put issues to rest. Read more

What Makes A Task Worth Delegating To Someone Else?

The leader of a company is both blessed and cursed: he has the burden of a lot of tasks to get through and decisions to make in a day, but if the company is of a certain size, he has the benefit of handing off tasks to other members of the organization. Some items will naturally flow from superior to subordinate, and it’s always excellent to see a person’s effort made more effective when it can be divided well amongst supporting staff. But where is the line between what should and shouldn’t be handed off to someone else to take care of? And how do you delegate without letting anyone else think you’re a lazy manager who can’t do things for himself? Read more

Is A Standing Desk Right For You?

The contemporary work zeitgeist has spoken: if you’re sitting down while working, you’re dying. If you stand, you’re more productive. Standing while working has a faddy appeal to the point that it’s no longer uncommon to see people standing throughout their workday. Behold, the standing desk is here to stay. Read more

People Are Living Farther Away From Work Than Ever Before And It’s Killing Us


The data is in and the results are unusual: workers are living farther away from the office in a way that they never have before. This increased distance between our work life and our home life is not only inefficient, but it’s dangerous to the point of affecting our health and the economy. It’s a reflection of jobs increasingly being pushed into the suburbs, where commute times are notoriously longer due to sprawl between communities. Compare this to a densely populated city like New York, where most people get by without owning a car at all. Read more

How To Change Your Brain By Going On A Complaint Diet


What kind of talk do people most associate with you? Are you quick to help and encourage, or are you eager to criticize and put down?

If you suspect that your name is more synonymous with the less desirable latter, we suggest you work on pursuing the former: by consciously choosing to stop complaining, you can drastically affect small but important pockets of your personal and professional life. There’s a positivity that going on a complaint diet — avoiding complaining at all costs — can bring about in anyone. And all you have to do to be successful here is think before you speak. Read more

The Best Habits To Make Yourself More Productive


Too many people fall prey to bad habits. Maybe it’s an inability to turn off the TV, maybe they eat junk food for every meal, and so on. But there are good easy habits one can adopt that no only take very little time, but will make you into a far more productive person once they’re successfully folded into your work routine. Read more

What To Do When A Coworker Is In A Crisis


Real life happens all the time and work is only one component of it. We’re born, we die, and a lot of stuff happens to us in between, good and bad alike. A lot of it even happens to us while we’re at the office.

Rocky moments, from the romantic and emotional to the medical (or maybe even criminal) can manifest in a flash to derail an otherwise productive employee or colleague. What do you do when the personal meets the professional in an unavoidable way? Read more

Some Of The Most Unusual Corporate Vacation Policies And How They Work


Everyone wants a vacation, but we don’t seem to be able to agree on how to let our employees take them. Corporate vacation policies can be anything from liberal and permissive to harsh and constraining. You want to be sure that your own company’s policy drives a happy medium between the two. Employees should feel they can take vacation easily and when they need to, but employees also need to know the time spent away from the office is just that: time spent away from the office. Read more

Workplace Lessons From The Navy SEALs


Navy SEALs are commonly acknowledged as the most hard-core, devoted, relentless military personnel ever. They are physically strong, emotionally resilient, and simply never give up. Their skills have been used with great success all around the world.

So what can we learn from the way that they are trained in order to bring the same kind of excellence to the workplace? It might be easier than you think to bring the same warrior mentality to work. It has to do with establishing good habits. Let’s get into them: Read more

The Benefits Of Meditating In The Workplace


It’s easy to dismiss the act of meditation as a frivolous exercise for long-haired hippies and people who don’t know how to function in the real world. After all, you work in the world of business! There’s no time for such silliness as sitting still and doing nothing, concentrating on your breath without being productive. Read more

How And Where To Take Free Classes Online To Expand Your Skills


Did you know that you can go to MIT for free? Did you know that there are endless educational resources waiting for you to consume them online?

There’s a new educational movement afoot, seeing prestigious universities and educational institutions putting their materials online almost always for free. If you are a committed self-starter, there’s no reason you can’t learn about a topic that you’ve been curious about for years without acting on. These are commonly called MOOCs, short for “massively open online courses.” Read more

The Best Apps To Protect Your Privacy Online


Making careless mistakes online can end up having real-world repercussions for your business or your personal life. It seems like malicious hackers are only increasingly intent on wreaking havoc on digital assets, so there’s an increasing amount of attention needed to be paid to how you communicate with others and go about business online. Read more

How To Start An Internship Program And Hire Worthwhile Interns


If you work in a field that’s interesting to young students or those who have recently graduated, you both may benefit from your offering an internship program. An internship is nothing more than knowingly taking someone into your organization who doesn’t have all the knowledge and experience to thrive. But this is the genius behind the internship — these people gain the skills to not only become a productive member of your industry, but to your specific company as well. It’s no small wonder why many people are able to turn their internships into full-time jobs. Read more