Pyrus Launches a New Product to Save Executives From Email Overload


Pyrus, the team communication tool that helps to move work forward, is launching a major service revamp today. It closes the gap between group chat and task management software by providing users with a straightforward inbox-based user interface to communicate and track tasks, all within the same app. If you can send an email, you already know how to use Pyrus. Read more

7 Things People Are Judging You For Without Your Realizing It


First impressions are everything.

It takes almost no time for someone to form an opinion about your entire being. We’re wired to consume as much information as possible up first meetings. It’s just how we roll as humans. There are probably things people have judged you for upon first impression that you didn’t even realize were issues. Read more

Five Questions With MultiShip Product Manager Nadezhda Shirokova

This week, Pyrus CEO Max Nalsky sat down with MultiShip product manager Nadezhda Shirokova to discuss the company’s Pyrus deployment. We discussed system integration, employee response and what would be useful for MultiShip in the future.

— How easy was it to establish work processes using Pyrus?
— When we first began enrolling all employees into Pyrus, they were curious about the system. The simplicity and speed were aspects of the software that could not be beat. In terms of the actual integration, we knew it’d take some time for our task manager to take hold as a consistent part of our business and for employees to regard it as such. Implementing wasn’t a one-step cure-all, rather a gradual integration to bring positive change into our productivity.   Read more