How To Set Up Roles In Pyrus

Let’s talk more about Pyrus functionality in the Processes settings. Sometimes you’ll have multiple employees who serve the same role. We’ll see what we can do if we have several employees in the same position, a position that can be replaced with others who have the same role. There’s actually a special mechanic for this, and to no one’s surprise, this functionality is called ‘Roles’. Read more

How To Lock Workflows In Pyrus

Thanks to the flexibility of Pyrus, more and more companies are using it for everyday, routine tasks. Workflow automation is a perfect fit for creating a business process by the users themselves, without having to involve the IT Department.

By using Pyrus, companies can set up these workflows and can continue to adjust it. The business process can become so perfectly adjusted that any attempts to optimize it don’t give any effect. At this point it’s good to set in place the most successful version and make all the member of the workflow to use that route. Read more

How To Enable Pop-up Notifications in Pyrus

As many of you have probably already noticed, we have a new function of Pyrus, the ability to receive notifications right in your browser. By adding this, you can be informed the moment someone gives you a task or comments on one you’re following. The notification pops up in the bottom right corner of the screen and looks like this. Read more

How To Track Hours Worked In Pyrus

Timekeeping  is an essential method of tracking and increasing a company’s efficiency. In some organizations, employees do not have set salaries and instead are paid hourly and they need to understand how much time was spent on executing the tasks at hand. These time costs are how company’s decide on monetary compensation when sending an invoice to a client. Losing several hours or adding false ones leads to direct losses. Read more

Using Pyrus – A Real World Example

We can tell you all the reasons why you should use Pyrus to manage your team and workflow, but why don’t we show you a real world example? This writer not only blogs for Pyrus, but uses Pyrus in his day-to-day life to manage and work with a consulting firm dedicated to obtaining funding for nonprofit organizations. Keep reading below to see how we use it to keep track of clients, deadlines, and recurring events! Read more

How To Improve Lists With Hierarchy And Grouped Elements

Lists are often found in the forms of our clients, they allow you to configure routing depending on the value of a field and serve as labels. Lists can be a blessing and a curse, however. Over time, some lists grow so that working with them becomes less and less convenient.

To improve their appearance, Pyrus has functionality for organization of multi-level lists in the tree. Let’s see how this works on the example list of forms for applicants. First, the vacancy list consisted of just a couple of positions, but then grew up with the company: Read more

How To Add Additional Email Accounts In Pyrus

Many of us have, and use, multiple email addresses. Pyrus gives you the ability to have one account and attach it to multiple email addresses! Perfect for when you need to collect and process inquiries that have been received by your multiple addresses: your personal email, your organization’s emails, support, an email for the separate project, etc. Read more

Lifehacks To Increase Your Happiness

Happiness is an interesting topic because so many of us define it in different ways. To some, it’s financial success, to others it is a big family, but at the end of the day most of us just “want to be happy.” We have no real way of describing what that happiness is, however. We strive for it, we let the pursuit of happiness blind us to the happiness we’re already feeling.


One thing is certain, however: we all want to be happier. And while your mileage may vary, here are some tried-and-true tips that have worked for others. We’ve compiled a list of different things you can implement easily into your life to help achieve those goals.

Sleep more: You’ve heard this your whole life, it’s time to implement it. Getting more sleep will not only improve your mornings, but you will be less susceptible to negative emotions throughout the day. Getting more sleep is only one side of the coin. You need to get better sleep, as well. Cut out the caffeine in the evenings. Exercise in the evening is a tossup, however, some people sleep better afterwards while others do not. Read more

Small Things You Can Do To Get More Time Out Of Your Day

There are two things we always want more of: money and time. Today we’re going to focus on the time aspect. We all want more time in our life, on our vacation, or just in a normal day. It seems we are never able to actually catch up. You’re ahead of schedule at work, then—boom—a new email pops into your inbox that requires your immediate attention. It’s a constant game of catchup.

Time Pyrus

There are some things you can do that can help, however; small changes like waking up 15 minutes earlier or brewing your own cup of coffee instead of waiting in line at Starbucks. There are a plethora of things we can do to take minutes and hours back. We waste a lot of time at work and don’t even realize it, use this tips below to help maximize that time:

List your priorities: I know, I know, “No! Not lists!” Yes, my friends, lists. While it does take some time to get accustomed to making a list each morning, the benefits in the long run are well worth it. You’ll be able to face the day confident in your ability to finish your tasks at hand, and you will not be wasting time racking your brain on what you need to do. Read more

How To Give Tasks To Non-Pyrus Users

It’s quite possible that all of your employees might not use Pyrus. That is no issue, however, because Pyrus is versatile. Even employees that are not part of Pyrus can still receive Pyrus tasks quickly and easily. Keep reading below to find out how.

Simply type the employee’s email in the ‘Assigned to’ field. No matter what email service or client they use, all answers will be automatically moved to the task you’ve created for them. Read more

How To Backup Your Data From Pyrus

The thirst for better data and information (whether it is the acquisition of data or compiling it) continues to play a larger role in the workflow of modern companies. Pyrus is one such company. Pyrus accumulates a significant amount of useful data and important documents for users to access and share. Read more