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Number of UsersMonthly Cost
Up to 12 membersfree
Up to 15 members$50/month
Up to 30 members$150/month
Up to 70 members$250/month
Up to 100 members$400/month
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Get two months free
when you prepay for a full year!

What you get:

  • Pyrus user licenses
  • Encryption of all network transmission of your data
  • 100 GB storage
  • Priority technical support by phone
  • Daily backup of all your data
  • Protection against viruses and unauthorized access to your data
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Pricing FAQs

What is the difference between a basic account and the Pyrus Premium Edition?
Any group of up to 12 people can use the basic Pyrus service for free. The Pyrus Premium Edition is available to groups of 13 users or more with a paid subscription. Please see rates above.
Can I install Pyrus on my own hardware?
There is currently no on-premises version of Pyrus available. Once this option becomes available, you will be able to transfer your data from an existing Pyrus account for no additional charge.
Can I prepay for the year?
Yes! When you prepay for 10 months, you get 2 additional months for free.
How safe is my data?
The security of your data and the reliability of the Pyrus service are our foremost priority. You can read more about our security measures here
Can I switch pricing tiers in the future if the size of my company changes?
Of course! You can switch tiers at any time. Your balance will be automatically recalculated to reflect any existing credits, so you will not lose money if you change the amount of users on your Pyrus account.
The Premium Edition offers 100 GB of storage, but what if I need more space?
Pyrus offers upgrades of an additional 100 GB of storage for $150 / month.
If I invite my suppliers or customers to Pyrus, do I have to pay for their accounts?
No! You can communicate with vendors or customers easily by inviting them to join Pyrus. If they join, they may elect to either use the free basic service or the Pyrus Premium Edition. However, you only pay for the users of Pyrus inside your own company.