Inviting new teammates

Pyrus was designed for teamwork. You can work by yourself, but that’s not nearly as fun or effective. Exciting work can get done when collaborative magic happens. You can add teammates when you register a new Pyrus account, or you can skip this step and add them later.

Let your teammates know that they will receive an invitation to join Pyrus. Write an introductory note to them about it.

Inviting a teammate to Pyrus

To add a colleague, click on Add people in the left-hand menu.

Press the Add teammate button.

Pyrus Tip: You can also create a task and type in your teammate’s email as the assignee to generate an invitation.

  1. In the dialog box, enter the email address of the person you want to invite.

  2. Determine whether you are adding a team member to your company, or asking a business partner to create a Pyrus corporate account to make collaboration easier.

  3. As people join you on Pyrus, you can share your other Pyrus contacts with them for the sake of collaboration. It’s a lot like Facebook’s “People You May Know” feature, but the people end up working on something together.

    Pyrus Tip: You can add a personal message to the introduction by clicking Add personal message. The recipient will receive it as a Pyrus task.

Add your teammates as a batch

If you are ready to switch your whole team to Pyrus, you can share an invitation link with them or use the batch invitation feature.

Batch invitation feature

Go to Add people section.

Enter your teammates emails in the designated field. Confirm the invitation by clicking Add.

Invitation link

If you don’t feel like typing email addresses, send an invitation link to your teammates instead. Go to Bulk add members and press Enable under Invitation link. Copy the link and send it to your colleagues however you see fit. After clicking on the link, they will only need to confirm their email addresses to sign up for Pyrus.

Sync your Pyrus account with your Google contacts

Syncing your Pyrus account with your Google contacts means you’ll never have to remember another email address again. Just start typing a contact’s name in a task or in the Add members by email field, and Pyrus will show you a list of potential matches. As soon as you send a task to a contact, he or she will receive an email notification and an account activation link.

You can synchronize Pyrus with your contacts when you create the organization or any time afterwards. Go to Profile, find the Google contacts section, and click on Synchronize now.

Help your teammates get on track

These tips will help your teammates learn to use Pyrus more quickly:

  • Encourage or require that they read the Getting started section;
  • Add them to tasks that may be interesting to them;
  • Ask them to assign tasks to you in Pyrus instead of emailing or messaging you.

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