If your clients use Facebook to contact your support service, you can connect your company’s Facebook account to your service ticket form and receive their requests in Pyrus.

  1. Go to the service ticket form configuration page and find Integrations. Click Set Up next to Facebook.
  2. Pyrus will offer to log you in to your Facebook account, then ask you to grant it access to your information and groups. Click Allow.
  3. For this to work, your company needs to have a group on Facebook. If this group already exists, select it and click Save. If not, select Create new Facebook page. Pyrus will send you to the group creation page.
  4. Here you can also enter the names of the form fields where ticket details will appear. For example, the text that the client enters in the Facebook message body will appear in the Description field.

Once the integration is set up, all the tickets that clients send you on Facebook will arrive in Pyrus, and they will receive your responses in Facebook Messenger.

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