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Creating and deleting a bot

This section shows how to develop a bot. The information is intended for software developers.

Bots are configured on a dedicated tab in User Management. Click Add New Bot to add a bot.

Configure the bot in the popup window:

  • Name: Enter any bot name.
  • URL: Enter a web page address on your site. The page contains the event handler code. Only HTTPS addresses are supported. You may leave this field blank while creating a bot but it is necessary to specify the correct app address before running it. As a bot event occurs, Pyrus sends a request to this address.

A newly added bot is displayed in the list:

The Enabled switch stops and resumes the bots.

Open the bot profile to edit its configuration:

  • Login: A bot login. The format is bot@<guid>. It is generated automatically.
  • The Security Key and ClientId values are generated automatically. They are used for API calls. The Security Key is used to sign each request and guarantees that the requests come from Pyrus.

Here you can also disable the bot in the Status line. You can change the security key value in the Security Key line. To do so, click Reset.

Click Block to block the bot. As a bot is deleted, it is removed from the list, and the corresponding non-activated user is terminated (it is shown on the terminated employees list).

If a terminated bot user is restored, all the bot settings are recovered to the pre-termination state.

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