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What bots are for

This section shows how to develop a bot. The information is intended for software developers.

When you need to get information from Pyrus for another system or web application, Pyrus API is your option of choice. It allows to request and receive data from Pyrus. If you use Pyrus API to set up task status change notifications, you’d have to repeatedly make identical API requests to Pyrus to find out if the desired event has occurred. This way is obviously far from optimal.

In this case, Pyrus bots can help. They are virtual users that can be assigned to tasks or participate in them. When a bot receives a task, Pyrus notifies your application. It means that your application receives a request from Pyrus and there is no need to keep querying the system.

For example, bots are useful for automatically sending emails or SMS messages: add a bot as a task participant, and a properly programmed bot will send notifications to the persons specified. A bot can add comments to a task (or not, depending on its settings).

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