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Every company has client-related processes, from contract and payment approval to request processing and beyond. Most often, companies use CRM systems to maintain their client databases, and at a certain point, the employees fill in the Pyrus forms with client data as well.

If you use amoCRM, you can set it up to sync its contacts with the Pyrus catalog. This means that when you’re filling out a form, you can select a pre-existing value from the list instead of typing it in.

The catalog is automatically updated upon any changes to your amoCRM contacts, so the forms always present up-to-date client data.

How to enable integration

  1. Click your initials in the top right corner and select Catalogs. Click the Add catalog button. Select amoCRM as a catalog source.

  2. In the window that appears, select the required account and click Allow.

    After that, the current, up-to-date Contacts catalog of amoCRM will be available in any Pyrus forms.

Using amoCRM data in Pyrus

Add the Catalog type field to the form template. Click Catalog name and select Contacts. Save the template.

Now you can select clients from a dropdown list instead of typing in names of people or companies.

How to pause or disable integration

To suspend the synchronization, move the switch in the list of catalogs to Sync paused. After that, changes to amoCRM contacts will not sync with Pyrus. The catalog will be updated upon resuming the synchronization.

To disable contact list integration, open the catalog, go to the Configure tab, and click Delete catalog permanently. All amoCRM contacts will be deleted from Pyrus forms. Please note that this action cannot be undone.

Who can edit catalogs?

Catalogs can be added and edited by the company’s supervisor, a user with Configuration manager privileges.

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