Working with external parties

Communication in Pyrus is not limited to just one company. You can share tasks and files with anybody: a customer, a contractor, a freelancer, or employee representative of another company. All you need to know is the person’s email.

There are two ways to begin working with an external user: inviting the person on the User Management page or directly from a task.

Inviting an External User in a Task

Open a task to which you want to add an external participant. Specify the email address in the Name or email field.

Add the title, description, and other details as usual and save the task. If the email owner is already working in Pyrus as another company’s employee, they will receive the task in their Inbox.

If there is no such user in Pyrus, you will need to confirm sending an invitation.

The colleague will receive an email with the task and an invitation to join your company in Pyrus. Next time, mention the person in the task description or comments to contact the external user. Just press the @ key and select the participant’s email from the dropdown list.

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