Creating a task

In Pyrus, tasks are the core of team communication. You can assign a task to yourself or to your colleague. Usually it includes a description of what needs to be done, an issue or a document to be discussed. You can comment on a task, and the discussion history shows the current progress at any time. If the person responsible for the task is changed, you can re-assign the task in Pyrus.

To create a new task, click the New Task button in the top left corner of the page above the left menu.

1. Describe what needs to be done in the window. Pay special attention to the title: it should be clear and precise since it identifies the task for you and your colleagues.

Good titles:

  • Mark, please sign the office lease contract
  • Website main page design update
  • Office supplies purchases in February

Bad titles:

  • Need help!
  • Hi, Richard
  • Got an error

2. Specify who will work on the task. Start typing a name or an email address in the Name or email field and select necessary people from the dropdown list.

You can invite several people to participate in a task, but there is always just one person to which it is assigned: you or one of your colleagues.

Employees from other companies can also be added to a task — even if those people and organizations are not yet working in Pyrus. Specify an email address in the Name or email field. If the email owner is already registered in Pyrus, even as another company’s employee, they will receive the task in their Inbox. If the person is not working in Pyrus yet, they will receive the task as an email message. Email replies are displayed as task comments if the message subject remains the same.

3. To attach files to a task click Attach files or drag the file to the task window.

If the files are stored in a cloud, just copy the link into the task text. Pyrus has a built-in file selection dialog for Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Microsoft OneDrive. If the task has a due date, specify it in the Set Due Date field.

4. Click Save to save the task. You can click Save & New to save the current task and immediately start a new one. If you have changed your mind, remove its draft by clicking the recycle bin icon.

If you interrupt the session or accidentally close the browser window, just restart it and continue where you left off. Pyrus saves drafts every 20 sec.

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