Communicating in Pyrus

Pyrus tasks are essentially topic-based group discussions. The colleagues can comment on the task progress and results, find answers, and share files.

The Task Page

The task page contains four major elements: the top menu, history, basic actions, and the right menu.

The task history shows the task author, the assignee and the creation date, the description of the task and its attachments, if any. All the task-related discussion is shown below.

Hover the cursor over an action to see when it occurred. The date and time will appear to the right.

On the Basic Actions panel you can add a comment or upload a file, and then decide what to do with the task next.

Adding a Comment

Enter a message in the Add comment field. There are several options on what to do with the task next. You can choose the most suitable one depending on the specific situation.

  • Send & Stand by: Click to send a comment and remove the task from your Inbox. The task will return to you if another participant comments on it, or in case of any other task changes.

  • Send: Click to just add a comment or upload a file. No other actions are performed, the task will remain in your Inbox.

  • Add participant: Click to add a task participant.

  • Upload from disk: Click to share files with peers.

  • Delete text: Click the recycle bin icon to clear the comment field.

Mentioning a Colleague in a Task

There is an easy way to invite participants to a task: mentioning a person right in the task description or in a comment. Just press @ on the keyboard and select a participant from the dropdown list.

The mentioned colleague will receive the task in their Inbox. You can also add people to a task in the right menue.

Choosing a Responsible

Click to choose a new responsible for the task.

Setting Due Date

Click to choose a new deadline.

If the task is overdue, there will be a red mark in the right menu of the task. A negative number indicates the number of days overdue.

Right Information Panel

The right panel has a task completion button and displays the task participants, the due date, the attached files, and the linked tasks.

Top Menu

There are four buttons in the top menu:

  • Back: Go to the previous page.
  • Remind me later: Hide the task from Inbox till a specific date.
  • Actions: Changing the subject (Change Subject) and deleting the task (Delete task). You will need to have appropriate access rights to delete a task.
  • Complete: Completing the task.

Deleting a Task

If a task is created by mistake, becomes unnecessary, or the data it contains needs to be erased, the task can be deleted. Click Actions in the top menu and select Delete task from the dropdown list.

Confirm by clicking Delete task again. Once a task is deleted, you cannot access the information in it. If there is no strong reason to delete a task, it is recommended to close it instead. Closed tasks are displayed along with active ones in the search results.

Creating a Task from Email Message

Any message from an email with an address registered in Pyrus can be converted into a task. Just forward the message to The message will be shown in your Inbox as a task.

You can also comment on tasks from your email service. Just reply to a task notification message and the answer will be displayed in Pyrus.

All attachments of the email will be available in the task.

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