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Inviting business partners

Usually, in the course of doing business, co-workers communicate not only among themselves, but also with contractors, partners, and vendors, who are representatives of other companies. You can communicate with your business partners from other organizations, and discuss your common projects and objectives, in Pyrus. This allows employees of different companies to communicate within Pyrus, without having to create accounts with lots of different organizations.

Important features:

  • Your business partners don’t belong to your organization’s account, so you don’t have to pay for them;
  • Your business partners can only see the objectives, lists, and forms you’ve added them to. They are an outside user, and they don’t have access to your other posts and forms. More about the rights of outside users.
  • Any employee of your company can add a business partner. Each Pyrus user has their own list of business partners.

Inviting a business partner to Pyrus

  1. Open the Partners section.

  2. You’ll see a list of added business partners, grouped by company. Click on Add business partner.

  3. Enter the name of your business partner’s organization, and click on Next.

  4. Enter your business partner’s First and Last name, and their email. Click on Add person.

    Tip: if an account with the email you’ve entered already exists, Pyrus will tell you. To connect with a business partner who already has an account in Pyrus, just send them a task, with their email indicated as the assignee.

  5. Here, you can also add other contacts from their organization. When you’re ready, click on Create account.

  6. You can send your acquaintances an introductory task, to help them take their first steps with Pyrus. You can also skip this step.

Managing invitations

In the left menu, click on Add people. The User Management page will open. In the Pending invitations section, you will see those who have not yet accepted your invitation. If you scroll over Resend next to one of the business partners, Pyrus will show you when you sent the original invitation.

To send an invitation again, click on Resend. To cancel an invitation, click Delete.

Managing the business partner’s organization

After adding a business partner’s organization, you can perform a number of actions:

  1. Add other employees in the same organization, on the Partners page.

  2. Edit your business partner’s profile.

    In your business partner’s profile you can change their First and Last name, enter their contact information, title, department, and business partner rights in their organization.

  3. Delete a business partner and their organization.

Important: You cannot cancel the deletion of a business partner’s account.

When a business partner you’ve added enters Pyrus, they can take full control over their organization’s account, in the Organization tab.

Once a business partner has confirmed this action, you can no longer edit their profile, block their organization, or add new users to it. This action cannot be cancelled, so your business partner cannot give control over their organization back to you.

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