On Instagram, customer comment notifications under posts often get mixed in with hundreds of other, similar notifications. Pyrus streamlines their processing by turning comments into tasks, without missing a single one.

When a customer leaves a comment under your Instagram post, a new task is automatically created in Pyrus. The task contains a nickname and a link to the client’s profile, the text of the comment, and a link to the post.

Reply right in the Pyrus task comments, and your client will see your response in their Instagram comment thread.

Include colleagues in the discussion of the task as needed, using the task’s internal correspondence window. The client will not see these messages.
Use the Ready Replies feature to answer recurring questions, such as cost or shipping terms. This will save your employees several work hours.

How to connect

To connect the extension you need a business or author account on Instagram, and your company’s Facebook page associated with it. The extension can be connected by users with Pyrus Manager rights.

  1. Go to the user section, select Extensions and click on Instagram. Select the form in which a request for comment will be created and click Configure in the window that opens.
  2. In the form settings, click on the “Create Missing Field” link to autofill the fields of the selected form with information from IG comment. Now the task will display the sender’s name, the message itself, a link to the user’s IG profile, and a link to the post under which the comment was left.
  3. Connect your Instagram account via Facebook login. Make sure Pyrus has been given the necessary rights and click Finish.
  4. Activate the extension. Now comments on your posts will appear in Pyrus as tasks. To reply to a customer directly from Pyrus, click the Instagram icon in the task comment field.

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