Workplace Lessons From The Navy SEALs


Navy SEALs are commonly acknowledged as the most hard-core, devoted, relentless military personnel ever. They are physically strong, emotionally resilient, and simply never give up. Their skills have been used with great success all around the world.

So what can we learn from the way that they are trained in order to bring the same kind of excellence to the workplace? It might be easier than you think to bring the same warrior mentality to work. It has to do with establishing good habits. Let’s get into them:

The little things matter. Navy SEALs, just like all military, make their bed every morning. Attention to detail is paramount. If you’re not starting the day with productive attention to minor matters, it only gets easier to let the bigger things slip throughout the workday. If the first conscious ask you take in the morning is to make your bed, it only gets easier to continue looking at things through the lens of “how can I improve this?” So make your bed!

Your equipment isn’t nearly as important as your skills. If the perfect person for a job has a remarkable resume, but lacks incredible tools, this is not a fault. There are only two things that matter: what you have done in the past, and what you can do in the future. The former leads to the latter. If a person’s resume impresses you, but his or her tools do not, then this only makes the person that much more impressive. Look for the people who can do more with less. These are the people that you want by your side.

Learn to swim with sharks. It’s only when you take risks and do things that others might consider foolish that you’ll get the attention your team deserves and leave a notable mark on the world. This is where you have a big advantage over the Navy SEALs. You only have to worry about failing at business. They have to worry about losing their lives.

Do your best to remain calm. Cool heads make cool decisions. No good business decision was ever made in emotionally heated moment, just is no good military decision was ever made in a thoughtless hurry. The meticulous and take time to weigh options. Solicit advice. Get help where you can. If you’re running your business correctly, you’ll have easy access to a self-built network of people ready to chip in their thoughts.

The last one is most obvious, but it’s also the most important: never, ever, ever, ever give up. During Navy seal training, there is a famous bell that recruits can ring in order to signify that they don’t want to continue with their boot camp anymore. It certainly has its good side: the pain and emotional stress of the the whole ordeal ends. But the bad side is unignorable: you are loudly declaring yourself to be unable to continue. Furthermore you’ve brought it upon yourself. No one can ring the bell but you.

So don’t be the one to ring it.