Pyrus Launches a New Product to Save Executives From Email Overload


Pyrus, the team communication tool that helps to move work forward, is launching a major service revamp today. It closes the gap between group chat and task management software by providing users with a straightforward inbox-based user interface to communicate and track tasks, all within the same app. If you can send an email, you already know how to use Pyrus.

Pyrus is for busy entrepreneurs and executives who are overloaded by emails and messaging apps. Their problem is only made worse by group chat software, where people spend twice the time they do in email, having questionably productive emoji-injected conversations.

Pyrus is already used by companies of all sizes, from tiny two-person startups to 7,000-employee financial institutions around the world. Pyrus’s daily active user/monthly active user engagement metrics exceeds 61%, an indicator of healthy user loyalty within the enterprise messaging app category. When people start to use Pyrus, they keep using it.

In Pyrus, every chat room is called a “task”, aimed at a accomplishing particular goal. Tasks have a subject, an assignee, and an optional due date. Users communicate within a task’s thread, moving the task forward as needed until one of participants marks it as complete. A task can only have one assignee at any given time, so everyone always knows who’s responsible for what. Such a system keeps everyone in your team on the same page with granular precision.

“Pyrus empowers business managers to automate their department workflows without elaborate customization or coding,” said Max Nalsky, founder and CEO of Pyrus. “Spreadsheets are a definitive example of technology enabling non-technical users to solve very challenging problems without advanced math or programming skills. Pyrus aims to bring a similar power to workflow automation.”

This handy mobile app can be used across business units by every department. Developers can extend Pyrus by writing bots to pull data from a corporate database, update records in an accounting system, or provide AI-like functionality to intelligently reply to humans asking standard customer service questions.

Key features and benefits of the Pyrus platform include:

  • “Smart Inbox”, a single list where all items relevant to a user arrive
  • Organizing the inbox by showing only items that require an action
  • Tagging people to bring tasks their attention
  • Listing tasks by assignee and sorting tasks by due date
  • An audit trail and a referable link for every decision that gets made
  • Full-text search on tasks and attachments
  • Integrations with major cloud storage providers: Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive
  • A native app for iPhone and iPad that works offline
  • Collaboration with internal and external teams, even if they aren’t Pyrus users
  • The ability to turn an email into a task
  • The ability to securely download backup data anytime

Pyrus’s free features are available for an unlimited number of users, and its paid plans with more features start at $0.16 per user per day.

About Pyrus

Pyrus is the team collaboration tool that moves work forward. Without sending a single email, your organization can handle complex business processes with less effort than ever before. Pyrus is adept at managing everything from elaborate accounts payable workflows to making lunch plans with your team. The company is based in San Carlos, California and has users around the world. To learn more, visit