Office 365 Users: Pyrus Integration Is Here

We’ve already told you about the Pyrus Gadget for Gmail, which brings full Pyrus capability straight to a Gmail user’s email workflow. In exactly the same way, Office 365 users can bring our free Pyrus integration to Outlook, which makes it a snap to stay productive without ever leaving your email. Here’s what it looks like:


From this simple interface at the bottom, users have access to a range of Pyrus’s functionality. Clicking on the “Create task” button instantly takes you to Pyrus with a new task created — it simply copies the entire contents of the email, complete with its attachments. Since you’re now inside the formal Pyrus interface, all your favorite functionality is right where it always is. Forward the task, ask for approvals, create multi-step workflows, add due dates, and keep your organization operating at the top of its game.

You’ll notice the second button there as well — “Create task from [email address].” Clicking this button does the same thing as clicking the first button, but it creates a task on behalf of the sender — by default, you are the author.

If you want to start taking advantage of Pyrus right within Outlook, just install the free plugin here.