Manage service tickets with our new Facebook integration

Monthly updates: Pyrus now works with Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Google Docs, and Active Directory.

Integrating your Facebook group with Pyrus

If your business has a group on Facebook, you can incorporate it with your service ticket flow in Pyrus. When a client sends a request via Facebook, the request appears in Pyrus. When your support team responds, the client receives the response on Facebook Messenger.
How to integrate your Facebook group into your service ticket form

Pyrus also allows you to process client requests that arrive from Telegram.

Converting email into tasks

The Pyrus for Gmail add-on lets you create a task or start a workflow in Pyrus directly from an email.

Converting Google Docs into tasks

Let’s say you have a draft of an agreement in Google Docs, and you need to send it through a Pyrus approval workflow. You can do so with the Pyrus Docs Add-on. It lets you create a task or workflow straight from a Google document, which is automatically attached to the task or workflow.

Synchronizing with Active Directory

Pyrus can synchronize with Active Directory via Pyrus Sync. This has two advantages: system administrators will spend less time adding new accounts to Pyrus, and you can quickly and easily block former employees’ accounts. Pyrus Sync will also update an employee’s name or department once those changes are made in Active Directory.

Bulk-adding users to a role

You can now add multiple people to a role at the same time. This can come in handy if role members need to be changed frequently. Every month, the IT department at a bank we work with receives hundreds of requests for updating Pyrus roles, like adding 11 employees to the «Investment banking associate» role. This can now be done easily by bulk-adding all 11 employees to the role.

Managing task notifications

When a task has multiple participants, new comments will appear for it all the time. To prevent an avalanche of email notifications, configure your task updates to arrive every 15 minutes.

Other updates

  • You can now fill in the Contact field from an Excel spreadsheet form. Let’s suppose you need to inform a bank branch about new terms of service and make sure all its employees are aware of the update. Create a workflow from an Excel spreadsheet: add the theme, the details, the deadline for reading the document, and the employees’ contact information. You can check the Pyrus dashboard later to see if all the employees have read the new document.
  • You can now upload an infinite number of print templates to a form.