How To Backup Your Data From Pyrus

The thirst for better data and information (whether it is the acquisition of data or compiling it) continues to play a larger role in the workflow of modern companies. Pyrus is one such company. Pyrus accumulates a significant amount of useful data and important documents for users to access and share.

The Pyrus system has a multi-level protection of integrity and accessibility of data, including keeping data in multiple geographically distributed servers, which ensures it continues smooth operation, even in the rare case of failure.

Even with our distributed servers, some of our users have asked us to provide an ability to download data from Pyrus to local devices. Now they can do just that, using Pyrus Sync. Our new program, which enables Pyrus to interact with non-cloud corporate systems, allows users to retrieve a file with all the tasks of your employees and all the attached files that go with them.

Now, let’s see how it’s done:

Download Pyrus Sync from the extensions section and install it on a local computer:

Pyrus Sync 1


At first, you will need to authorize access to Sync. Type out the email address associated with your Pyrus account, as well as the secret key.


If you don’t have a key, click on the link under the field to get it.

After successfully logging in to Pyrus Sync, choose the Backup option in the left column.



You’re now ready to start your backup! Depending on the amount of tasks and files in your organization, this process may take some time. Indication, showing the estimated time before completion, is available right after the launch. Don’t worry, even if your connection is lost, the program will continue its backup after the connection is reestablished.

Once completed, all the tasks of your organization will be written in text files and all attached documents will retain their original format.

Please note that you can launch only one backup at a time using a single account and it has to be launched by the organization’s administrator in Pyrus. This is the message you’ll receive if you don’t have enough rights in the Backup section of Pyrus Sync:


If that happens, go to your organization’s supervisor and they should be able to give you appropriate access that will allow you to read and comment on any tasks that have been created for you by any other employees.