How To Attract And Maintain The Best Workforce

Attracting and maintaining great employees has always been a vital part of any business success, and with the ever changing environment of the 21st century, employers are wondering what they can do to attract the type of millennials that you might find at companies like Google and Facebook. While it may seem like in house ping pong tables and coffee shops are to credit for such a successful millennial workforce, maintaining great employees requires more than game time and coffee breaks.

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Fair pay and benefits

While it may seem petty, fair pay can make or break a person’s decision to work for a company. While most people realize that the office assistant, while often underappreciated, will not make as much as the company’s CFO, it is important that people feel that their pay is equal to someone that has the same responsibilities.

Incentives and recognition

It is important in any company for its employees to know exactly how important they are to the success of the business. Offering incentive programs as a way to recognize the success and dedication of employees can be a great way to increase office morale. Even simple ideas, like a message wall where employees can display their successes alongside the successes of their peers can remind employees of their importance to the company.

Control and independence

Being in control of their own work can make a huge difference to the attitude of an employee. As a business owner, you have to be confident enough in your own hiring decisions to allow your employees the independence needed to get the job done their way. While it is important to be available for assistance as needed, it is equally as important to allow your employees to do their jobs the best way they can.


Dedication to your employees goes a long way in ensuring a positive work environment. While this may go hand in hand with the above section about recognition, dedication is one of the most important factors that people consider when job-hunting. What this means is that most people are looking for a career and not just a job. Having a strong policy of promotion from within can help to sway the decision of the next great employee prospect. People want to know that you are dedicated to them, as they are dedicated to your company.

While it may seem that millennials are attracted by the “new” way of doing things, like the relaxed environments introduced by many new companies, the bottom line is millennials, like most other generations, need to feel appreciated in their positions. So while ping pong tables can be a great way to relieve stress throughout the day, the topics found above are still what makes great employees stick around.