7 WTF Tweets From Web Summit

Twitter provides a beautiful live, scrolling commentary on nearly any topic you could want. Given the number of hyper-connected tech aficionados in Dublin for this year’s Web Summit right now, it’s no surprise that some curious observations are bubbling to the surface.

Some are wonky, some are weird, and others are just plain true.

We probably take far too many cues from wealthy people based solely on the fact that they are wealthy.

This Russian tweet translates as “Availability of the Internet is the problem of all the Internet conferences.” This is a tech conference, after all. Isn’t this the most technologically advanced age we’ve ever lived in? Isn’t this event called “Web” Summit? We want to get online while we’re here!

We assume Ben means “beat” as in “to surpass,” not to physically assault.

If you need to kick off your presentation with a glossary, you’re doing it wrong.

We do not hope this catches on.

It’s an apt point. How and why would a commercial warehousing company need to connect with everyday people online?

There are a lot of events, it’s true! We’ll always feel like we missed out on something.